AWS Pre-Sales Administrator

AWS Pre-Sales Administrator required to assist in the administration, coordination, and delivery of AWS Proposals.  Must have 1-2 Years Administrative experience; Copy writing and proof-reading experience; Able to effectively exchange information, news, ideas and meaning in business and technical environments.

Key Responsibilities

  • Participate in Business and Technical calls with the AWS Pre-Sales/Proposals Teams, where needed, to ensure all discussion items are documented and addressed (Emails and Tasks to be created).  The Technical teams will document technical requirements and your responsibility will be to ensure all other client business requirements are channeled and addressed.

  • Updating Trello boards daily to ensure a true reflection of the AWS Pre-Sales/Proposals teams’ progress.

  • Scheduling meetings with Clients for Technical calls with the AWS Pre-Sales/Proposals teams.

  • Sending follow ups in a timely fashion to Clients where the AWS Pre-Sales/Proposals teams might be awaiting answers or technical calls that still require scheduling.

  • Following up with the AWS Pre-Sales/Proposals teams internally on outstanding client requirements where emails/calls might be needed.

  • Following up on leads, where needed.

  • Lifting the administrative tasks from the AWS Pre-Sales/Proposals teams as best possible.

  • Notifying clients of the progress of Proposals/Quotes as well as conveying this to the business teams.

  • Contributing to the Company’s wikis and documenting additions/changes as needed.

  • Reviewing proposals from a structural/presentation point of view to ensure Information Request details are captured correctly and that Proposals/Quotes are suited to be sent through to clients.  Proof Reading and editing of documents are essential.  You will act as a second to the Head of AWS and/or AWS Operations Coordinator to sign off proposals.

  • Template updates as needed by the team.

  • Ensuring documentations, proposals, quotes, etc. are saved correctly on various systems with proper naming standard and versioning.


  • Cover Letter to accompany the CV.

  • Matric Certificate.

  • 1-2 Years Administrative experience.

  • Copy writing and proof-reading experience.

  • MS Office (Word, Excel etc.) Experience.

  • Basic maths or financial skills.

  • Typing and making use of proper English in all Communications.

  • Email/Scheduling Experience.

  • Excellent telephone and communication skills.

  • Ability to work in a team environment, communicate efficiently and professionally within the team.

  • Ability to facilitate in setting priorities, goals, and timelines to achieve maximum productivity along with the AWS Pre-Sales/Proposals teams.

  • Ability to effectively exchange information, news, ideas and meaning in business and technical environments where needed.

  • Ability and willingness to learn new technologies, such as AWS etc.

  • Achieve the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification within 3 months of joining, if not already obtained.


  • AWS Business and/or Technical Accreditations

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

  • 3-5 years customer service/administrative experience

  • Multi Language capability (English, Afrikaans etc.).  English is Essential.