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Importance of Attraction, Retention and Development of Talented Employees.

An organization’s strength is determined by the quality of its talent. Therefore, it is important for organization to provide a strong organizational culture and opportunities for people to grow. Benefits, location, organizational culture and travel time are increasingly significant factors in attracting and retaining talent within the organization.

Leaders can implement a tool known as employee value proposition (EVP) this works like give and take type of arrangement, what employees get for what they give. “Give” comes in different forms; employees inject their ideas, expertise, knowledge, efforts, time and experience into the organization. In return “Get” compensated for their performance with financial and non- financial rewards. If the EVP of the organization is stronger than its competitors the company is most likely to attract and retain the best talent.

It is important for organizations to have a detailed talent management strategy in place in order to move an organization from where it is to where the management and stakeholders want it to be. Management has the responsibility of building a strong brand because a strong brand is what encourages stakeholders to buy from the company. And it’s what entices employees to work for the company. Furthermore, an employer brand is a representation of how you treat you’re your employees, promote their well-being, motivate personal growth and that’s what makes an organization desirable and this is the key factor of an organization success.

Some organizations during the lockdown period offered flexible scheduling and the ability to work remotely. Management should show more interest to employees by showing them how much they value them and highlight how they impact the organization, keep communication lines flowing and search out any issues employees might have and see what they can do to resolve them. Attracting and developing talent isn’t an HR job only, management should take initiative and offer support where necessary, work hand in hand with HR leaders to make sure appropriate development is available, invest energy and time in developing future leaders for the organization- Moreover, export talented employees to all different aspects of the organization to ensure higher productivity and efficiency. Provide a training program to employees that will bring them to a higher level so they all acquire the similar skills and knowledge.

Finally, HR professionals should remain agile to review their strategic management plan on an annually basis to assess employee’s performance and their strategic plan more regularly depending on the nature of the organization and the environment in which a business is operating.

Nozuko Tikayo

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