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Critical Role of HR Practitioners

The role of HR practitioners has evolved from mere administration and the basic recruitment, selection and placement of employees into a much sophisticated and challenging role. Human resources Management creates the system that acquires, motivates, develops and retains talent and which is a key source of competitive advantage.

Furthermore, HRM forms an integral part of any organization, and it involves critical roles, namely:

· Forming the employment relationship (advertising, recruiting, interviewing, selection and signing the employment contract).

· Maintaining the relationship “in good shape” in other words looking after issues specifically related to employees such as remuneration, good working conditions, benefits, employees well- being and so on.

· The performance management and disciplinary management of employees, in other words issues such as promotion of deserving employees, disciplining employees who transgress and terminating the employment of contract to end the working relationship with an employee should it become necessary.

The role of HR Practitioners are as follows:

Ø Be innovative and generate new ideas to retain employees and utilize them at their best

Ø A change agent

Ø A strategic business partner

Ø An employee who enhances employee capabilities by listening and responding to employees concerns.

Ø An administrative expert who creates efficient infrastructure by ensuring the efficient performance of organizational practices, policies, procedures and processes

Ø A provider of support to employees and management

Ø A directional leader who is on the forefront with innovative ideas and selling the direction to be followed.

To conclude, HR professionals should show exemplary leaderships skills and enhance the credibility of an organization. The human resource management process ensures that the organizational leads by example and the company actions fall in line with its vision.

Nozuko Tikayo

" Align all the elements of your life to support the pursuit of what has deep meaning to you"

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