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Naming Your Business

There is so much fun and satisfaction in naming your company. There are many different theories surrounding naming a business. Some argue and say your company name should announce what it is you do; others believe the most important thing is a name that’s unique and memorable.

Doesn’t matter the approach you take in forming your company name just remember the name of the company will be an integral part of your marketing effort, so if you aren’t happy with the name you will encounter problems each step of the way, from creating your logo, and business cards to designing ads and brochures.

Take your time and try out different names with family and friends until you get to the one you most satisfied with. To help you get to your desired company name here are some guidelines to look at:

· What is the image you want to project/convey?

· Is it possible to create a logo around that name?

· How does it sound when you answer the phone?

· Does it give instruction to people?

· Is it memorable?

· Is it easy and easy to remember?

· Is it appropriate for your target market?

· Can you create a domain with it?

· Do you love it?

· Create draft business cards and letterhead. Does it look good?

After answering all these questions the most important step to take is to check if it’s not already used and obtain the How do you find out whether the name has been used? Begin by checking locally. Your city or country has a record of all registered business and will not allow you to register a similar name for a similar business. Í know what I’m talking about from personal experience.

Just to conclude, a business name is often your first impression with your customers. They see a sign with your name, and they either remember it or they don’t. Either way, this is your first impression with business owners and investors. The right business name can also help differentiate you among potential investors so you might want to get it right.

Nozuko Tikayo

Align all the elements of your life to support the pursuit of what has deep meaning to you

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