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On Being Visionary

To be a visionary you got to see things ahead, you got to believe in things that no one else really believes in. When you start a company you will have a very clear , long term vision for for your start up, but don’t be surprised when most people around you , be it friends, family and peers, will; not see it, or understand it. Do not let anyone else’s doubts derail you. There will be bad and good days.

Personally for a start-up it takes blood and sweat for couple of months for others it’s years. There are no short cuts when learning a new business or industry. You need to work harder and longer hours than anyone else to get ahead.

I always I say if you fear failure you shouldn’t start a business. How are you going to start new things if you are too scared? It’s OK to fail, as long as you learn a lesson from it. The whole point of a start- up is to run a series of experiments that do thrive will allow you to get real market insights and you can build something really successful out of them.

Persevere, take risks, question everything, work smart, and surround yourself with clever people. It gets easier as you go along, and the journey to success is worth all of the worries and fears.

Nozuko Tikayo

" Align All the elements of your life to support the pursuit of what has deep meaning to you"

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