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Reasons why words of thanks and appreciation for your employees in the workplace are important

Recognition: Saying “thank you for all your hard work” to your employees for a job well-done has a powerful and long-lasting impact on their productivity. For example, saying, “I really appreciate you working overtime last week to deliver the project” not only recognizes the individual effort but also highlights that their contribution was invaluable to the rest of the team as well. This will also reinforce the positive behaviours you would like to encourage the rest of your staff.

Stronger sense of commitment: Thanking employees for hard work also boosts their level of commitment to you and your company. By making clear that their work doesn’t go unnoticed, you will give them the incentive to continue to do so in the future. And appreciating your team members for their efforts will work miracles with their engagement and future performance.

Improving morale: Another important benefit of recognizing your employees’ hard work is that it creates an atmosphere of trust. Then, team members can bond with each other and create friendships.

Nozuko Tikayo

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