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The Importance of Team Work

1 Team is efficient work

· Split difficult tasks into simpler tasks, then work collaborate together to complete them faster

· Develop specialized skills, so that the best person for each task can do it better and faster

2 Teammates learn from each other

· Collaborating together helps the team members to learn each other’s strengths, weaknesses and rectify each other’s mistakes which in the end improves the quality of the team and effectiveness.

3 Teamwork stimulates healthy work relationships

· When employees work together and succeed together they form a bond with each other that can turn into trust and friendship.

· Employees who trust each other are more likely to:

· Communicate well with each other

· Support and inspire each other

· Work effectively and consistently

4 Team members bring fresh ideas on the table

· Teamwork promotes maximizing the sharing of knowledge and ideas

· Sense of collaboration and accountability makes employees consistently bring forth their best work.

Nozuko Tikayo

" Align all the elements of your life to support the pursuit of what has deep meaning to you"

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