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The Importance of Work Life Balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is not only important for health and relationships, but it can also improve your employee’s productivity, and ultimately performance. Put simply, if your people does not view work as a chore, then they will work harder, make fewer mistakes and are more likely to become advocates for your brand. Businesses that gain a reputation for encouraging work-life balance have become very attractive especially when you consider how difficult it can be to attract and retain younger workers these days. Focusing on work-life balance will help you draw a valuable talent-pool for new recruits and boost retention rates.

Here are some more reasons why work-life balance is important for your people and your organisation:

Fewer Health Problems - When we are stressed and over-worked, we run the risk of jeopardising more than just our social lives – our physical and mental health is in danger too. It is no secret that when we are overworked, tired or stressed, our health will suffer. A poor work-life balance can lead to a variety of symptoms which can affect our wellbeing. This ranges from the flu to serious health conditions like strokes and respiratory problems. By encouraging your people to look after themselves and find balance, you will significantly limit health problems and absences. This will ensure your organisation is more efficient during business hours and people want to be part of the business and culture.

More Engagement - By helping your people to find the perfect balance between work and home, you will increase their engagement levels. Having an engaged workforce will lead to your people going ‘the extra mile’ for you and becoming loyal advocates for your brand and product. Engaged staff are more likely to stay at work late if something needs to be done after the normal workday ends.

Less “Burnouts” - We all get stressed from time to time. It is unavoidable. However, workplace burnouts are avoidable, and you should make efforts to ensure this does not happen to your people. Burnouts occur when we feel overwhelmed and unable to meet constant demands. The negative effects of a burnout can affect every aspect of our lives. The inability to separate work from home will massively increase the chances of burnout, so it is important to encourage your team to take time off and “leave work at work.”

More Mindfulness - When we find and sustain a healthy work-life balance, we develop greater control over our focus and ability to concentrate on the task at hand, this is known as mindfulness. Would you not prefer a team that is fully focused on whatever they are doing, instead of worrying about work/home? By encouraging your people to have a healthy work-life balance, you will create an environment where everyone is dedicated to the task at hand. This will improve retention rates, productivity and ultimately profit.

Nozuko Tikayo

"Align all the elements of your life to support the pursuit of what has deep meaning to you"

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